Holistic Coaching

My coaching is holistically focused, mind, body and spirt.  I include God Consciousness in the goal setting and  healing process.  Far too often we underestimate the need for soul healing and the importance of a relationship with God/Source in all areas of our lives.   We must remember, we are all spiritual beings having human experiences.  Much of the time we fluff this off, but it is an essential part of the sorely misunderstood human growth process.

Meet the Founder

My name is Pamela,  I am a Recovery & Wellness Coach.  I am also a women in long-term recovery.  My recovery experience has provided me with opportunities to transform not only my life, but of those around me.  I am a single mother of a 21 year old daughter, who is about to graduate from  college.  We successfully thrived as a mother/daughter team through the teenage years and adversity.

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Pamela Anne Pesante

My coaching practice has been focused on people with addiction and their families, couples struggling with their relationships and successful women and their specific challenges.  I also have a passion for working with teenage girls as they go through important changes in their lives.

I absolutely love what I do as it affords me the opportunity to be present in people’s lives when they are the most vulnerable and often feel alone.  I get to see people transform their lives and become a stronger, healthier more vibrant version of their true self.

I have been  an active  member of the recovery community, the religious comunity and the business community.   Over the past 5 years  my service has been as a recovery advocate and leader in the recovery movement.

I am looking forward to adding you to our network of people who Choose Recovery Now!!

Blessings of love…

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