What is God Conscious Recovery?

God Consciousness is purposeful remembering that God is in everything.  Whether you are atheist or agnostic or just having difficulty in seeing or experiencing God, I can support your recovery.  Good Orderly Direction, is just one viewpoint one can take in improving negative thoughts,  patterns and beliefs.  God consciousness is not religion, rather it is a way of thinking about God outside of the constraints and beliefs that we may have been brought up with.  In my experience, many of us have moved away from thinking about God as a caring loving entity that is ever present in our lives.   

I have included this page because many members of the therapeutic community have not been able to include these ideas in their therapies.  These ideas became even more important to me when I went through very difficult and dark times in my life.  I sought a spiritual guide and counselor to no avail.  So I became one…   In my coaching practice, many of my clients have had similar experiences.  This in no way means that we do not need professionals from the therapeutic community, we do need them.  Some of us however, need supplemental services.  Coaching is that supplement.  

I quickly realized that my soul was an intregral part of my recovery process.  I also realized that my soul needed light, light is essentially new ideas that I could incorporate into my daily life which would replace my very dark ideas.  My ideas were not God’s ideas.  I learned that my ideas were rooted in a very outdated belief system, which I adopted from people and institutions that I was exposed to.   

If you are having difficulty with God.  You are not alone!!  I have pulled some definitions for your consideration: 

Higher consciousness is the consciousness of a higher Self, transcendental reality, or God. It is “the part of the human being that is capable of transcending animal instincts”. The concept was significantly developed in German Idealism, and is a central notion in contemporary popular spirituality. (source:  wikipedia) 


The super concious power which has created this whole universe, has been called by many different names by different saints of different religions. Hindus have called it Naad, Muslims have called it KALMA, Christians call it WORD OR LOGOS OR SPIRIT, chinese saint Lao Tzu has called it by the name of TAO. In Guru Granth Sahib ji this power has been called SHABD. You can call it Sound Current too. When there was no universe created, this power was there and when this universe will cease to exist after the grand apocalypse,only this power will be there. This power is God.

Consciousness means the ability to perceive the world around you. When one is unconscious or when the consciousness has left one, one can’t perceive anything around onself.

God is the super concious power. He is like an ocean of consciousness and we, the souls trapped in human body, are the drops of this vast ocean of consciousness. We are carrying all the qualities of the ocean within each one of us. Meditation helps us go inside and reach the level of super consciousness and be one with god. (Source:  Quora.com)

So here is my promise to you:  I will never impose my thoughts and beliefs onto you, however, if you choose to learn more about God Consciousness and want to include it in your recovery process we can discuss it further at your pace.